Episode #41 PerfBytes Live! at STPCON Spring 2014

Broadcast April 16, 2013

It's time for PerfBytes LIVE! Please join us again at STPCON in April 2014 for a live broadcast recording of the PerfBytes podcast featuring your wildly banal hosts Mark Tomlinson and James Pulley. We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the PerfBytes Live STPCON broadcasting and will include our coverage of the STPCON news, the performance year in review, the News of The Damned, industry headlines, extemporaneous speaking from actual performance testers and live Q&A with the members of the audience. Attendees in-person will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of PerfBytes shoes! As supporters of the Software Test Professionals performance testing community, the PerfBytes podcast is powered by creative community-driven contributions and the overwhelming desire to improve performance testing practices across our industry. And pancakes.

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Episode #40 Performance Diagnostics Part 2

Did you know you were hammering the database 1.5 million times per page load? Our friend Petar Puskarich joins us again for this second half of a great discussion about performance diagnostics. We chat about using diagnostics in production specifically with middleware and ops teams, automated deployment of diagnostics configuration, continuous diagnostics and other tips for circumnavigating the politics of having diagnostics across the lifecycle. We cover some tips on working with profiling 3rd party components used by your application and systems internally or externally. And who would imagine that using diagnostics and monitoring together could help you bridge the gap between Dev and Ops. Today’s episode was officially freakin’ awesome as it was sponsored by the colors red and black.

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Episode #39 Performance Diagnostics Part 1

Needle. Haystack. Go! Sometimes all we get from our load testing tools is a capture of the response times and throughput, and maybe some minimal resource monitoring if you're lucky. That means to actually see deeply into the application code as it is running, a diagnostics package can open that black-box to you, to find out exactly WHY the system is running slow. As you dig into the system under test you’ll be able to see exactly why the % CPU utilization is so high, and why so many bytes/sec are being pumped through the stack and exactly the SQL statements used by the database. In this Part 1 episode with our guest host and fellow performance guru Petar Puskarich, we'll chat about how to get started with diagnostics, handling politics and objectives, working with third party instrumentation and how Petar's first experiences back in 2001 aren't that unfamiliar to folks today. James is concerned about being abducted by aliens and we have multiple micro-perfrants, all on this deep-dive episode of PerfBytes!

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Episode #38 Continuous Performance Testing

Broadcast March 10th, 2014

Automate. Rinse. Repeat. Every day at every hour and every minute there are developers writing code, committing code to the repo, building snapshots, checking out stuff, debugging it, profiling it and generally making things happen continuously. So, why not have performance testing be part of that continuous world? It’s a hot topic in this edition of PerfBytes where we are joined by our fellow pancake-loving co-originator Carlos Chidiac as we debate the value and pragmatics of integrating performance into your continuous integration and continuous delivery process automation. Don’t be scared by James’ Perf Rant about CPT, Agile & DevOps and Carlos who both agree that ‘Speed Kills’ when it comes to your attempts to accelerate performance through automation. Mark shares a few technical tips and we generally advise you to be aware of the pitfalls of trying to promote speed over quality.

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